Do you know about these 5 gifts of nature?

Nature has always provided for all human needs. It is only in the last few centuries that man has begun to produce things not found in nature, but nature is still our great educator, even if we have lost touch and the understanding of it. The earth gives us so many gifts - from the visible - food, water and materials to the less obvious - such as art, inspiration, spirituality and beauty.


It is hard to believe that there is a lack of clean drinking water on the planet, since 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. No living entity can survive without water for long. Fortunately, nature has a way to purify polluted water through its freshwater ecosystems. Soil, microorganisms and plants purify water by filtering toxins in the wetlands of natural forests, rivers and other waterbodies. We still have clean water sources, rivers and wells from which we can drink, but unfortunately their numbers are declining. We need to remember the importance of clean, fresh water, and everyone must act responsibly to prevent its pollution.

Food and medicine

Nature provides food for plants, animals and us humans. It gives us a wide variety of food choices, depending on the region in which we live. Today, thanks to imports and exports, an even wider range of food products is available worldwide. This includes tropical fruits, roots, spices, beverages such as coffee and cocoa. Many foods are processed, but the healthiest and most valuable food is still obtained in the wild, such as berries, mushrooms, which we can pick in the forest ourselves or fish we can catch in the rivers. In turn, herbs, plants and seeds are natural medicines that we can use as oils, teas, powders, extracts, essences and so on. They are still the most effective remedies.


Even in the age of cave people, nature has proved natural materials which man must use to create - stone, clay, wood, cork, etc. All this is still used in construction and interior design, and will never go out of style because it is durable and beautiful. Nowadays, there is a tendency to include more natural elements in the interior, such as bamboo, copper, marble, water elements in the form of aquariums or fountains.


What would art be without nature? Nature has always been the richest source of inspiration for artists, and a huge amount of artwork captures the beauty of nature - paintings, drawings, sculptures, reliefs, cave art, poems, songs, books, photographs, films, architecture. Art cannot exist without flowers, clouds, trees, meadows, seas, stars, sun, birds ... nature is art in itself, it just needs us to listen and watch it carefully.

Gifts of the Spirit

We are all looking forward to the time of year when we can go to the seaside or in the mountains and just immerse ourselves in the natural environment. It is healthy for our mind, emotions and spirit. Nature refreshes, heals, relieves stress, provides comfort and rejuvenation. We cannot explain why and how, but beauty is clearly healing, it is pleasing to all our senses. By staying away from nature for a long time, we feel our balance being disturbed. Nature teaches us harmony, cycles, continuity, death and rebirth, understanding of all things, and the meaning of life.