Natural Family Planning - Short and simple guide

Natural family planning (NFP) is a form of birth control that does not use hormonal tablets or invasive devices, as a result, there are no side effects or harm to the body.

The NFP includes scientifically proven methods that allow you to keep track of your own menstrual cycle, with precise identification of fertile and infertile days, and allows you to use this information in accordance with your family planning needs.

Natural family planning is more than awareness and management of fertility - it is a way of life that supports and promotes the families physically and emotional health. It is a sustainable family planning system that is valuable in planning for a pregnancy or postponing it, while managing your health naturally.

How does it work?

NFP methods are based on medically proven facts:
  1. The ovaries release an egg every month. This is called ovulation.
  2. The egg is in a state where it can be fertilize for only 12 hours.
  3. An unfertilized egg lives up to 24 hours.
  4. Sperm lifespan in a woman's vagina, if it is alkaline (secreted by fertilemucus) is a maximum of 120h.
  5. Lifespan of sperm in a woman's vagina if it is acidic (no fertile mucus) - only few hours.

It turns out that in each cycle a woman (if she secretes fertile mucus) can conceive a child for a maximum of 5 days: 4 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation.

NFP methods

NFP offers scientifically proven methods to determine fertility time accurately and reliably in a womens menstrual cycle.

Choose the most suitable from the offered modern methods:

Here we will not consider historical methods, like the calendar method, temperature and lactation method, etc. in today’s fast-paced era, they have become inefficient, and science has moved forward, providing a safeer and effective alternatives to traditional contraception.

Billing ovulation method

It teaches to recognize the body's real and main fertility signal - cervical mucus. Under the influence of hormones, the cervix produces different types of mucus. They change over the cycle - from less fertile to fertile. During ovulation, mucus is similar to a raw egg and gives a feeling of moisture. By getting to know the types of mucus, it is possible to determine precisely the ovulation time and determine fertility and infertility patterns throughout your cycle during reproductive life. This method is easy to learn. It is convenient and safe to use, no additional tools are required, scientifically proven with a 99% safety.

Symptothermal method

This method combines the observation of several fertility symptoms. To determine fertile and infertile days, the main signs used for determining fertility are cervical mucus, basal body temperature (waking temperature), changes in the position of the uterus and additional signs of fertility such as appetite changes, breast tenderness, ovulatory pain, etc.

“Sympto”; indicates a symptom of cervical mucus that changes in a woman's reproductive system under the influence of the hormone estrogen.

"Thermal" means the basal body temperature (BBT) that rises after a woman ovulates.

At least two endpoints are used to determine fertility, so this method is also referred to as the double approval method.

This method is safe to use, scientifically proven with a 99% safety. It is extensivelyused in fertility monitoring and menstrual calendar apps.

How effective and safe is it?

The effectiveness of NFP methods is due to three factors:

  • the scientifically proven reliability of the method;
  • the responsibility of the teacher who taught the method or where it was learned;
  • Attitude of the users themselves, responsibility - how accurately all methods and rules are followed.

Although the reliability of NFP methods is high and scientifically proven, to practice NFP and succeed in making it work in real life, the methods must be learned from a certified teachers, and you have to follow the instructions of the methods and take responsibility for your family planning decisions.


  • To learning the methods you need to go through several cycles under the supervision of a certified teacher;
  • NFP requires constant monitoring of fertility signs;
  • The rules of the methods must be strictly observed;
  • Pair cooperation and common motivation is required;
  • NFP methods do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases;
  • If the couple does not plan to conceive, you must abstain from vaginal intercourse during fertile days.


  • NFP methods are natural and healthy, without side effects, they don’t cause harm to your health, on the contrary - you become aware of your health and are able take appropriate action;
  • They are safe and effective when used properly;
  • They are ecological, do not pollute the environment;
  • They are ethical for any culture;
  • They are valid throughout the reproductive life – can be used for postponing or planning a baby, andduring breast-feeding and  premenopause;
  • Natural family planning is cost effective and doesn’t require large expenses.

If you feel that self-observation and maintaining a scheduling is too complicated or time-consuming, You can take advantage of of fertility determination technologies such as smart basal thermometers with applications, fertility monitors and cycle computers. These modern technologies help you to manage your menstrual cycle and perform all the necessary calculations, while giving you the exact fertility status for each day of the cycle. All you have to do is enjoy it, a life free from artificial hormones and harmful devices - because nature is sexy!