NATURE IS SEXY® is a registered brand of Pro Natural, which offers ecological products for women's reproductive health and well-being. The slogan "Nature is sexy" is a call to dare, discover and live according to yourself, your femininity and nature. Naturally means healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and of course attractive. These are also the products we offer.

🤍 We love our work!

Our mission is to be a knowledgeable, healthy and happy woman. We do not compete with the pharmaceutical industry or global companies. We are here for those women who value natural products and concepts who, for various reasons, are not allowed or do not want to use hormonal preparations or personal care products containing harmful chemicals. We are happy to offer an alternative that allows women to be in control of their lives by living in harmony with their bodies and nature, to be happy and healthy.

Facts about us

The company was founded in 2007

The founder of the company is Inese Mekša, a certified fertility teacher, natural perfurmer, cosmetic formulator, organic farmer and supporter of an ecological lifestyle.

Technologies for natural fertility management

We love helping women understand fertility, so we sell the best and most reliable cycle computers designed and manufactured with women's health and quality of life in mind.

Support & coaching

Our team brings together ecologically minded female fertility experts who are ready to provide advice in the areas of GP, reproductive health and gynecology.

Organic fabrics & professional seamstresses

We buy raw materials only from ecologically certified (GOTS, Oeko-Tex 101) manufacturers and entrust them to seamstresses who love their work.

Organic farming

Using the organic farming methods, medicinal plants are grown in a Natura 2000 nature park, as well as harvested in the wild, from which natural reproductive health products and preparations are made.

We get inspiration in nature

"Every walk in nature gives a person much more than he wants.", "I go to the forest to lose my mind and find my soul."

- John Muir